Kate Potter

The consultancy’s digital media specialist, Kate Potter ensures digital media is a constant consideration in media and communications strategies to unlock the commercial benefits of appropriate platforms for clients on a professional and personal level. 

Kate has experience in creating and managing organisational social media profiles, using new media tools and writing for the online environment. She is able to guide organisations through the often unfamiliar world of digital media and advise on the best strategic use of digital tools for online communication, monitoring and measurement.

Kate’s use of social media combined with her knowledge of online analytics, gives her the ability to develop and implement ROI focussed campaigns utilising social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, either independently or combined with traditional media. This has proven extremely valuable for clients such as Adelaide Convention Centre and Adelaide Airport. 

Kate delivers training sessions for clients who want to learn how to use social media channels effectively for communication, advertising and business development. 

Prior to joining Hughes, Kate worked with Australia’s largest media monitoring company - Media Monitors - as the State Manager for South Australia. In this role, Kate advised and supported clients in their quantitative and qualitative analysis of media content.