Jeff Holman - Managing Partner Madderns

“The team at Hughes have really taken the time to get to know our business and understand what our needs are. Hughes has helped us develop connections outside of our existing clients. Hughes has advised Madderns and implemented various social media campaigns, new ways of thinking, new ideas, and that's enabled us to reach a wider audience, both in Australia and internationally. We look forward to continuing working with Hughes over the next few years on some new campaigns and some new ideas to reach potential new clients.”

Spero Chapley - Managing Director Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets

“Hughes have been really great in giving us the confidence to be able to have a voice, back ourselves in, and not be too shy about what we do because we do some amazing things. Relationships mean a lot to us, and stakeholders that know, not only who we are but why we do things, is really important for us. It's refreshing to work with Hughes, that just know, and appreciate, the business that we are. And having Hughes involved with us for the foreseeable future, it's crucial for our business.”

Brenton Cox - Managing Director Adelaide Airport Limited

“We do often describe our relationship with Hughes as like a trusted insider. They are an external firm, but they do feel like an extension of our business. And we’re able to be incredibly open, which is critical when it comes to how we project and protect our brand. They really don’t sleep, they are 24-7. That just means that we may actually get to sleep a little bit better.”

Jane Johnston - Chief Executive StudyAdelaide

“The team at Hughes are wonderful to work with. We've really found over time, that they have been both professional and flexible as we've had a lot of changing circumstances, especially over the last couple of years. That they've been really willing to look at providing counsel and providing professional advice, regardless of the external circumstances. And their ability to look more broadly and provide that communications perspective into our business has been invaluable.”

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