Public Relations
The leader in developing and delivering measurable outcome focussed programs that enhance your brand and maximise your revenue and market engagement.

Strategic Communication Planning & Audits

Hughes Public Relations is skilled and experienced in undertaking communication audits – a standard practice when commencing work on behalf of our Adelaide based and national clients and an annual process of review for existing clients.

Hughes also leads strategic planning sessions to scope client communication needs, allowing us to:

  • Refine and integrate objectives, key messages and relevant communication channels;
  • Ensure communications effectively reach key stakeholders;
  • Maximise the cost effectiveness and benefits of the communication program for business focus areas; and
  • Coordinate the integrated delivery of advertising, marketing and public relations across traditional media, digital media, promotional activities and events.

Brand Building

Brand building and protection lies at the heart of our work for clients. These outcomes are supported by our team’s development and implementation of strong, sustainable communication strategies that add value to our clients’ businesses, dramatically enhance the effectiveness of their communication efforts and build their reputation capital by focusing on measurable outcomes.

Issues & Crisis Management

Hughes has been recognised nationally by the Public Relations Institute of Australia for its extensive experience in issues and crisis management for clients in Adelaide, interstate and overseas.

We work as ‘insiders’ with clients to analyse crisis scenarios and to develop and implement strategies to overcome potential areas of difficulty or sensitivity quickly and effectively.

While we strongly advocate active crisis preparedness programs for our clients, our team is also on immediate call to implement programs for emerging situations.

Publicity & Media Liaison

Hughes has extensive and varied experience in publicity. As experienced journalists, we are adept at preparing and placing news releases, feature articles and general media briefing documents. Daily involvement with Adelaide based and national media enables the consultancy to maximise opportunities for publicity on our clients’ behalf, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Feature Writing

Hughes can work with you to research and identify interesting facts, case studies, stories or themes to strengthen your communications material and can transform these ideas into written, audio or visual content in a style reflective of your brand and appropriate to your target audience.

This expertise can be applied to marketing documents such as newsletters, brochures and major submissions; promotional vehicles such as audio and video presentations; and statutory documents such as annual reports and prospectuses.

Event Promotion

We have significant experience in planning and managing special events including product launches, project announcements or other promotional opportunities. Hughes works with clients to identify the most suitable form of event; devise and implement plans to make these events memorable and effective; and manage them to maximise the impact and public relations outcomes.

Community Relations

We have experience in working to improve community understanding and cohesion through communication. This includes developing and undertaking research and consultation programs and implementing developing appropriate communication vehicles to improve relations between organisations and their communities and enhancing their “Social Licence to Operate”.

Capital Raising

Hughes can develop tailored communication programs to assist companies with their capital raising initiatives. We work with our clients from development of an outcome-focused communication calendar, providing media training to spokespeople, briefing key groups and stakeholders, building and sustaining investor interest and leveraging specific events around the capital-raising program.

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