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The choice is no longer whether or not we use social media to communicate – instead, our choice is how well we use social media to communicate.

As one of Adelaide's leading communications consultancies, Hughes can help you understand digital communications, social media and the far reaching opportunities they present.

Hughes digital and social media consultant, Haley Tamblyn, says:

"With a personal passion for digital and social media, I love these new technologies and the way they are changing how we communicate. I work with organisations who want to effectively reach their target audiences using online platforms – it’s ever-evolving, exciting, and rewarding."

Digital and social media is a constant consideration for our team in developing wider communications strategy, with the opportunities, synergies and risks considered at every campaign stage.

Our digital and social media services are wide-ranging, allowing us to offer clients a bespoke and tailored service that considers their unique objectives and resources. These include:

We also present regularly to companies, associations, boards and networking groups on digital and social media topics such as the opportunities that new media presents, and the risks and safeguards to put in place to ensure effective management.


Hughes' tailored training programs enhance corporate and individual communication capability and capacity.

Our specialised social media training courses include:


Contact our digital specialist and social media expert Haley Tamblyn at or on 08 8412 4100.

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