Verity Edwards

Verity has a thorough understanding of the way the media operates in South Australia and nationally, having worked across radio, television and print in a career spanning close to 25 years.

In recent years she has worked closely with corporate clients and businesses of all shapes and sizes, across industry sectors including defence, food and beverages, manufacturing, information technology, mining, finance and entertainment.

Verity has exceptional writing skills – whether it’s producing a press release, opinion piece or a discussion paper - and is a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and syntax thanks to the 12 years she spent working at The Australian. During her years at the national daily, she was a section editor, news and feature writer, covering everything from politics to education, court reporting, sport and the arts.

In the three years prior to joining Hughes, Verity was Director of Media and Communications at Business SA, where she liaised with, advocated for and supported local and national businesses on a daily basis. She has helped many businesses build their brands from scratch, including young entrepreneurs, and was responsible for media training Business SA members and other business leaders.

Verity has a thorough understanding of policy and politics, and knows the challenges businesses face as they seek to have their voices heard and their successes shared.

Since graduating with a Journalism degree from the University of South Australia in the mid-1990s, she has also worked at the ABC, 5AA, Today Tonight and Messenger Newspapers.