Adelaide Airport

The Situation

Adelaide Airport Ltd commands a strong and growing presence on social media and in 2018 experienced significant growth particularly in the areas of direct messaging and Instagram.

Adelaide Airport uses its social media channels to promote the company’s brand and profile, to engage with and build its online community, and to interact with and respond to questions and feedback from social media users / customers.

Hughes is responsible for the daily management of the Adelaide Airport Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages including, creating and curating content that meets general, corporate and terminal-related objectives, and managing customer enquiries.

The integration of social media management platform in 2018 enabled Adelaide Airport and Hughes to more efficiently manage customer enquiries generated via social media, by assigning enquiries directly to the relevant Airport customer service or car parking personnel within the platform, achieving improved response times and reducing emails.

Between 300 and 600 people “check-in” at Adelaide Airport via any of its social media platforms, every single day, and the Facebook page alone receives on average 70 direct messages per month – and these figures are growing.

Hughes is proud to work with Adelaide Airport as it continues to evolve and grow its social media presence, in response to organisational objectives, platform changes and customer needs.


The key objectives of the Adelaide Airport Social Media Strategy are to:

  • Further develop the Adelaide Airport brand and profile;
  • Promote South Australia as a prime location for business and tourism;
  • Engage with and respond to customers;
  • Position Adelaide Airport as a ‘destination’, and enjoyable part of the journey; and
  • Drive traffic to the Adelaide Airport website.


To achieve these objectives, Hughes works with Adelaide Airport to:

  • Create and curate everyday social media content;
  • Plan and execute social media advertising campaigns;
  • Manage customer enquiries;
  • Provide training to key staff;
  • Report monthly on key statistics used to inform content direction; and
  • Continually innovate and optimise.


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