There has been a growing need for start-ups and innovators in the mining, energy and resources industries to find some commonality and collaborate on projects in SA – and CORE Innovation Hub has risen to meet those challenges.

Launched in June this year, CORE recognises the state’s pivotal position in the nation’s mining and energy sectors. CORE Innovation Hub provides meeting and workspaces, regular networking events, opportunities to collaborate on emerging technologies and professional development programs to future proof the resources workforce. Hughes has been working with CORE including its launch, to support its CORE Hot 30 list of innovators nationally, and on the CORE Exchange 2020 virtual conference. From live coverage of events to media releases and graphics, Hughes has been able to help CORE establish a foothold in SA.

When developing the branding for the Exchange conference and Hot 30, we drew on the already existing core branding, to create a design which captures the endless exchange of ideas and knowledge. This also included animated logos, newspaper adverts, a suite of graphics for social, pull up banners and designs for online.

To view the animated logo – CLICK HERE