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UDIA calls on the lower house to reject a nonsense bill

8 July 2013    

The Urban Development Institute of Australia (SA) [UDIA] notes with dismay the Legislative Council’s passing of the Development (DPA) (Notification) Amendment Bill 2013, with support of the Liberal Party. 

UDIA Executive Director, Terry Walsh, said the proposed changes would require the relevant authority (a Local Council or the Minister of Planning) to notify all owners and occupiers of land about to be rezoned, as well as land owners and occupiers adjacent to the directly affected land.

“These changes just add more red tape to the process, discourage investment and increase the risk of potential legal challenges based on failure to notify,” said Mr Walsh.

“If enacted this legislation will create clutter and achieve nothing but a slow-down and add to the time and cost associated with the rezoning of land, which is already too slow. 

“This legislation flies in the face of efforts by industry and Government to streamline the process, rather than making it more onerous.

“Importantly it is unlikely that ‘notification to affected landholders or residents’ will identify a clearer decision.

“UDIA calls on both Labor and Liberal Parties in the House of Assembly to reject this Bill.”