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Sportsmed.SA Gives Athletes Hands On Help

9 September 2013    

City To Bay, Stretching and Massage will help your performance and post event recovery

September’s Sunday Mail City to Bay Fun Run is shaping up to be as popular as ever and once again SPORTSMED.SA will be on hand to help organisers and participants enjoy the day – injury free.

SPORTSMED•SA has been a longtime supporter of this fun and healthy event and once again will be on hand to provide massages to participants at the end of the 12km course.

Located in marquees at the finish line on both Wigley and Colley Reserve, SPORTSMED•SA massage therapists will be offering all City to Bay competitors a free five-minute lower limb massage.

A physiotherapist and podiatrist will also be available to offer useful tips and recommendations that help runners’ and walkers’ post event recovery and may prevent sore, aching muscles and joints.

As SPORTSMED.SA physiotherapist Glenn Dods explained, people are often confused about the benefits of stretching and massage.

“Sometimes people are unsure of when to stretch; before or after their run or exercise session; how to stretch and whether they should they have regular massage,’’ Mr Dods said.

“Traditionally, the pre-run or pre-exercise warm-up includes some specific static stretches after some light running.

“However, a dynamic stretching routine - one that uses momentum - has some specific advantages because it involves continuous movement that will maintain warmth in the muscles and body, where as stopping to do static stretches can effectively drop the body’s core temperature and increase injury risks.’’

See a full interview with Mr Dods in the video news release:

Dynamic stretching improves coordination and motor ability as well as revving up the nervous system, which is especially important for younger athletes who are still learning to control their bodies. Importantly, it also helps prepare you mentally for the workout ahead, he said.

“Dynamic stretches should gradually push the muscles towards their maximum range of movement,’’ Mr Dods explained.

“Static stretching can be used as part of the warm down routine after your run or exercise session.’’

Mr Dods said a surprising number of people did not stretch or warm down after exercise.

“The warm down is really important because it helps remove the lactate, the chemical by-product of sustained muscle activity, and limits the amount of fluid buildup in the tissues. It also allows the body’s nervous system to recover.

“Refuelling and rehydrating are also essential parts of the warm-down and recovery process.’’

Last but not least, he said, massage in the warm-down phase can enhance the removal of both the lactate and fluid buildup in the tissues, as well as ease the tension in specific muscle groups if they have become tight as a result of not being properly conditioned.

“Taking a bit of time before and after the City to Bay to do your dynamic and static stretches will definitely pay dividends,’’ he said.

“And taking advantage of the free massages SPORTSMED•SA will be providing on the day will only enhance your recovery.’’


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