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Adelaide convention centre hosts delegates from 66 countries at world aquaculture conference

23 June 2014    

The World Aquaculture conference, this year’s biggest conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre, wrapped up with more than 2000 delegates from 66 countries attending over five days (June 7 – 11).

More than half of the full registrants for the conference were international.

It was the first time this century the World Aquaculture Conference has been held in Australia, with the Adelaide Convention Centre playing a role in securing the global event for Adelaide alongside the South Australian government and key local partners including the South Australian Tourism Commission and the Adelaide Convention Bureau.

Eighty individual sessions were conducted during the global conference with a quarter relating directly to sustainability and social responsibility within the sector.

The conference provided a major opportunity for the growing South Australian aquaculture industry to share ideas and knowledge with experts from around the world.

Adelaide Convention Centre Chief Executive Alec Gilbert said that he was delighted with the success of the World Aquaculture Conference, in particular the number of international delegates.

“World Aquaculture is a prime example of the type of high calibre conference that Adelaide Convention Centre is seeking to attract as it expands,” said Mr Gilbert.

The Centre is currently undergoing a $350 million expansion which will create an additional 4,300 square metres of multipurpose convention floor space in Stage One and increase plenary capacity to 3,500 seats or 3,000 square metres of flat floor space in Stage Two.

Stage One will be complete by the end of this year with Stage Two due for completion in 2017.

“While it’s a big conference which brings considerable economic benefit to the state, it’s also important to South Australia as a whole as it aligns with one of the key economic priorities for the state.

“Our local stakeholders have been able to share information and learn from world experts thereby ensuring a positive legacy for Adelaide long after the conference ended on June 11.”

In addition, delegates visited important South Australian industry hubs on the Eyre Peninsula, including Oyster, Abalone, Yellowtail Kingfish and Tuna operations in Port Lincoln, Boston Bay, Arno Bay, Kellidie Bay and Coffin Bay.

World Aquaculture Adelaide 2014 (WAA14) combined the international annual conference and exposition of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS) with the highly successful biennial Australasian Aquaculture event.

Representatives of associations, industry and government were in attendance at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The incoming President of WAS, Graham Mair, who is based in Adelaide, said that South Australia was a natural fit for the conference.

"As one of the leading aquaculture states in Australia, it is most appropriate that this conference was held in the beautiful city of Adelaide. 

Also, feedback from delegates was that the Convention Centre was a great venue given its convenience, all the fantastic developments in the surrounding precincts, and the proximity of the various city attractions."

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