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Blog: Your Guide to Motion Graphics in 30 Seconds

11 February 2019    


Motion graphics are used everywhere, and they can be a key component of your branding strategy.

But what are the different types of motion graphics and how can they strengthen your marketing materials and ultimately your brand?

This simple guide will give you a better understanding.

Explainer Videos

You know these videos. Every time you visit a new website, there is a play button just waiting to be pressed, and you’ll press it because it’s an easy way to get the information you need without reading.

Explainer videos should give a compelling explanation of what the business does in under two minutes. They act like an elevator pitch, using animation or mix of video and animation to pose a problem and explain the solution.

Like an elevator pitch, though, it’s important the script and corresponding storyboard is carefully crafted so the most important information is delivered in the tight two minute timeframe.

The right voiceover also goes a long way in ensuring the video blends together seamlessly.

Video Branding

Video branding will add a professional touch to your video and ensure each video is consistent.

The fundamentals of video branding are lower thirds, title cards and the intro or outro.

Lower thirds refer to the branding on the screen where a person’s name and job title appear, reflecting their ‘lower third’ position in the picture.       

Title cards appear to divide vision into different sections. Usually including text and graphics, they can be as simple as a black background with simple text or an elaborate transition with kinetic typography.

In a corporate video, you’ll almost always have an outro. This can include your company’s logo, contact details and a call to action. The outro is the last thing a viewer sees and associated with your brand, so an animated outro can go a long way.

Above all, all of these features need to draw their style from your company’s visual identity to ensure brand consistency.

Animated logos

Your logo is your most important brand asset, so creating a more memorable version with sound and motion can help it stick in the mind of customers and clients for longer.

It’s also another way to express your brand’s identity.

Animated logos are becoming more and more common, especially in high quality video productions.


Why use Parallax in video? If the content you’ve supplied relies heavily on photographs, parallax is a great way to bring static images to life.

In a documentary, for instance, where you might have a lot of simple black and white photography, parallax can give depth by making them move and helping to tell the story.

To view our motion graphics and video show reel with intergraded motion graphics, CLICK HERE.    

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