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Blog: Why social media visuals are as important as the message

2 November 2023

With social media playing an increasingly important role in communicating and reinforcing a brand’s identity, its crucial for all businesses to ensure their content is not only visually appealing, but also attention-grabbing and easy to digest.

Social media users scroll through their feeds at a rapid rate, meaning your graphics need to capture your audience’s attention within seconds. The overall visual experience is vital to how a user responds.

Several online and offline tools are now available to facilitate the creation of social media graphics, however going that step further with professionally-designed content brings expertise, experience and a strategic approach that will really boost your brand’s online presence.

Brand Consistency

Strong branded social media graphics help you stand out from competitors and are critical in visually communicating your message in a cohesive way. Not only will professionally-designed social media content ensure consistency in colours, fonts, logos and style to reinforce your brand’s recognition, but they can also fully unlock your brand’s potential.

High Quality Visuals

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. High-quality graphics are vital for a business that wants to make a lasting impression – it doesn’t matter how great your text is, it will have far less reach without great visuals. Professionally-designed content is more likely to generate engagement such as likes, shares and comments, leading to increased reach and visibility. You will also have the added benefit of creativity and fresh ideas, ensuring you stay on-trend and ahead of competitors.

Customised Content

Using professionally-designed graphics means you can tailor your content to your brand’s unique personality and goals. The creation of branded templates such as quotes or promotional posts, infographics, charts and animations can be used to share information and tell a story in a simple yet visually-engaging manner that is easily digestible for a social media user with a short attention span.

Optimised Graphics

Social media is an umbrella term but there is a big difference between the content that gets posted on each platform, not only with the format used, but also the various types of audiences. Professionally-designed content can be optimised for each individual social media platform, ensuring visuals are well-suited for different screen sizes and for different demographics and users.

At Hughes, we work with various clients to boost their social media followings and strengthen their overall brand identity. If you’d like to find out more, contact Luke Howard – – or Zoe Drummond – – or call the office on 8412 4100.


Zoe Drummond

Hughes | Graphic Designer