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Flinders Port Holdings welcomes PV Spirit to its fleet

7 February 2024

South Australian ports operator Flinders Port Holdings (FPH) has today inaugurated the PV Spirit, welcoming the first of three pilot boats commissioned and built in conjunction with Hart Marine to its fleet at an event at the South Australian Yacht Squadron.

The vessel Spirit is a state-of-the-art pilot boat which features the Volvo Penta Inboard Propulsion System (IPS), which will enhance fuel efficiency, reduce environmental footprint and improve sustainability.

The new vessel Spirit features advanced composite hull technology, including a lightweight and corrosion-resistant structure that is durable in the harshest marine conditions. Its bow design facilitates smooth navigation in turbulent waters and improved self-righting capabilities.

The vessel features improved safety measures such as continuous railing, and a change in Pilot Vessel size provides FPH pilots and crew with additional room on the outer deck for pilot transfer and coxswain activities. We’re also proud of the introduction of Dynamic Positioning into our fleet to improve the manoeuvring of the vessel in adverse weather conditions.

Further innovations include the ability to access data to optimise the operation of the engine and driveline. This feature allows for real-time exchange of vessel performance and consumption data, allowing FPH to assist in further reduction of emissions.

General Manager Carl Kavina said FPH appreciated working alongside Hart Marine to build its fleet of energy-efficient and technologically-advanced pilot vessels.

“These cutting-edge vessels are introducing innovative technologies and supporting us to meet our sustainability targets with a tangible focus on reducing fuel emissions now and into the future,” Mr Kavina said.

“Working with Hart Marine, which aligns with our vision for greater sustainability, improved safety and the ability to harness the latest technological features, is very important to us and we appreciate the relationship we’re building.”

Hart Marine is committed to sustainable practices, investment and exploration.

“We are thrilled that Flinders Ports has chosen to partner with Hart on this innovative pilot build and we’re excited to deliver a vessel that incorporates the pinnacle of sustainability innovation,” a Hart Marine spokesperson said.

“Spirit embodies our dedication to a better tomorrow, and we eagerly anticipate seeing her in action, serving Flinders Ports for many years to come.”

Hart Marine is due to deliver FPH’s second and third pilot boats in 2024.

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