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Yugo announced Best Student Housing Provider

11 April 2024

International business journal APAC Insider has named Yugo Australia as Best International Student Housing Organisation for 2024 in its Australian Enterprise Awards.

Announced in the UK, the awards highlight a diverse collection of businesses and individuals which demonstrate the highest level of service across Australia. Influencing those around them, as well as the rest of the world, the award winners persistently improve customer satisfaction rates, their specialised offerings, and the corporate landscape in Australia as a whole.

Yugo was the first global student housing brand and operator created to enhance students’ overall experiences and has significant operations in Australia.

With more than 110 spaces globally, Yugo Australia has sites in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. The Waterford, a $150 million, 916-bed student accommodation project, is currently under construction in Perth.

Yugo takes a holistic approach to education and offers collaborative events and projects through its Live Your Best Life program. The program empowers young people beyond the classroom and prepares them for their careers.

Yugo’s program supports students through three pillars based on sustainability with YugoEco; education through YuPro; and personal development through YuGrow, to deliver on student needs and expectations.

Yugo Australia Managing Director Tim Klitscher said the award recognised the effort the student housing provider put into empowering students to live their best lives.

“Yugo is about more than just providing a roof and a bed for a student, it’s about connecting them to the local community, personal development, connecting them to careers and guiding them towards living more sustainably,” Mr Klitscher said.

“We appreciate the recognition from APAC Insider as we continue to grow our operations and further enrich the lives of the students who choose to make Yugo their home. Awards Co-ordinator Kaven Cooper said hosting the Australian Enterprise Awards this year had been both captivating and motivating.

“I’m pleased to have had the chance to learn more about the outstanding work across Australia and I wish our awardees every bit of success for the rest of the year – and the future on the way,” Mr Cooper said

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