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The Pure Food Co takes out international food innovation award

10 May 2024

Nutrition technology company The Pure Food Co has taken out the Innovation of the Year category at the Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards in Singapore, recognising the best food and nutrition system on the market developed to improve the health of older people.

The Pure Food Co, which was founded in 2013 to nourish the world’s seniors, was recognised for the development of a nutritional system to improve the health of aged care residents and hospital patients in Australia, New Zealand and now France.

While improving the nutritional value of food, The Pure Food Co also provides wrap around support and training for staff. By providing a nutrition system, clinical benefits include maintenance of weight and muscle mass, resulting in reduction in falls and serious illness. The team also provides on-the-ground training and implementation support for staff, creating strong compliance and understanding of the system.

Delivering clinically-proven outcomes and backed by research, the Pure Food Co system has shown it can create efficiencies for aged care and health service providers, lower costs, reduce food wastage and improve residents’ health and satisfaction. It also removes the costs, processes and risks associated with producing texture modified foods in-house.

Co-Founder and Co-Director Sam Bridgewater, who started the company after his step-father became ill and couldn’t find meals he wanted to eat – slowing his recovery - said the award recognised the years spent developing simple food programs which people could enjoy while also improving their health outcomes.

“As we age, older people need as much protein as elite athletes. However, most are getting 60 per cent less than they need, resulting in lower muscle mass, more falls, hospitalisations and ill health. If we can turn that around, we can improve our quality of life as we age,” Mr Bridgewater said.

“Our texture modified foods include 41 per cent more protein than comparable meals and 60 per cent more energy.

“Through our work with aged care providers and hospitals, we’ve been able to show that weight loss in residents has fallen by 38 per cent, falls have reduced by 27 per cent and wound care has reduced by 26 per cent, because people are healthier and they’re healing at a faster rate.”*

The Pure Food Co’s Australian Director, Chris Deed, said food standards were closely monitored in aged care, and it was essential that residents were provided with the most nutritional food available to enable them to have a higher quality of life.

“We know that many aged care providers modify their own textures and foods, but we think it’s important to ensure they’re fortified with protein and other plant-based nutrients, and safe for residents that require a texture modified diet,” Mr Deed said.

“Malnutrition has a massive impact on the health system, and we know that malnourished residents are eight times more likely to have a fall, leading to hospitalisations and the need for wound care.

“While easing pressure on the health system, our meals can also reduce in-house food production costs for aged care providers, allowing staff to be redirected towards other activities such as speaking and engaging with residents.”

Mr Bridgewater said The Pure Food Co had been working closely with chefs to develop 4,500 meal options, and work was ongoing to continuously improve its offerings. Many of its Customer team also had nutrition and dietetics backgrounds, ensuring customers were supported with information and expertise.

The 12th Asia Pacific Eldercare Awards, presented at the Ageing Asia 2024 World Ageing Festival from May 6-10, highlights organisations which redefine the ageing experience through innovative business practices, operational strategies, and service models.

To find out more about The Pure Food Co, click here.

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