CH4 Global
CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to bend the climate curve. By growing Asparagopsis seaweed, CH4 Global is producing market-disruptive products that enable the food industry value chain to radically reduce methane emissions. Feeding Methane Tamer, the company’s first Asparagopsis-based commercial product, to feedlot cattle reduces enteric methane emissions by up to 90 per cent.

CH4 Global was founded by South Australian Steve Meller in 2018. Based in the US, CH4 Global has operations at Lonsdale, south of Adelaide and at Arno Bay on Eyre Peninsula. In New Zealand, CH4 Global has research and development facilities at Bream Bay and production facilities at Bluff. A full-scale EcoPark is being developed at Louth Bay. The focus is financially viable scalability for a global impact.

Hughes is responsible for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

CH4 Global has committed to eliminating one billion metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions and reach 150 million cattle by 2030 through their local and international partnerships with feedlots and farmers, including in Australia and South Korea.

Hughes has been providing strategic corporate affairs advice and public relations support to CH4 Global since the early days of the company’s journey, working closely with the international team on a daily basis.


CH4 Global is aiming to reach an international audience to raise awareness of climate change, and how Asparagopsis can make a significant difference when fed to ruminant animals.

As an early licensee with FutureFeed, which was established by the CSIRO to hold the global IP for Asparagopsis, CH4 Global is an international market leader on methane-reducing feed additives.

Hughes works with CH4 Global to promote Methane Tamer, partnerships and business developments as it works to grow Asparagopsis at scale to reach a wider international market.


Working with CH4 Global requires close collaboration with international team members, including in the US and in New Zealand.  This includes regular discussions about industry issues and international regulations regarding methane emissions in farming, reputation management, community relations and media engagement.

Hughes has been on hand to manage events, such as the recent sod turning ceremony at the Louth Bay EcoPark site, 10km from Port Lincoln. This involved arranging invitations, liaising with key government and industry representatives, logistics, videography, photography and media liaison.

Hughes has been closely involved with international media coverage, including a recent visit from the World Farmers Organisation to film a documentary on international farmers and climate change efforts for COP28, with Asia Food Journal and other regional media, with New Zealand Geographic and with investigative journalist Paul Gower in New Zealand. This has included travel to New Zealand and across South Australia.

Our work with CH4 Global has supported international nominations, resulting in being a finalist in the Webit Awards, presented in Davos, Switzerland in 2023, and being named in the South Australian Climate Leaders Awards in 2022. It has also included drafting blogs, media releases and reports.


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