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Brand new Beerenberg

2 July 2013    

One of Australia’s oldest family-owned jam, condiment and sauce producers, Beerenberg has a brand new look to highlight its authenticity and regional relevance in a sea of foreign competition.

The Adelaide Hills company – run by the sixth generation of the Paech family in Australia –has radically changed its labels for the first time in 40 years to help it stand out on shelves increasingly crowded with multi-national and imported brands.

The new look also reflects Beerenberg’s simple goal of bringing “the true taste of the farm to the world” and its personal approach to creating and cooking every product.

“There is a warmth and accessibility around the Beerenberg brand that makes us different to so many other products, and we think that’s special in a market that’s becoming more and more crowded by the big players,” says Managing Director Anthony Paech.

“You can actually visit our farm, pick the strawberries, talk to us and share recipes – and we love it as much as you do.  We’re proud of this, we’re proud of all our products and we’re proud of our Australian roots – and this is what our new brand celebrates.”

The Paech family began selling strawberry jam with fruit sourced from its Hahndorf strawberry patch out of a roadside stall in 1970.  Today, Beerenberg’s fields still provide the fruit for jams, condiments and sauces sold in supermarkets and speciality stores nationally.  The company’s products are also served in more than 300 hotels across the Asia-Pacific as well as in the First and Business class cabins of a number of international airlines.

“When my parents Grant and Carol first started selling strawberry jam on the side of the main road from Adelaide to Melbourne, it was with home-made labels – and that authenticity is reflected in our new branding.

“For many years, my parents also shared the story behind each of our products with our customers – and we’ve revived that tradition.   Members of the Beerenberg team who pick the fruit, cook the jam and even drive the forklift are featured on the new labels of every one of Beerenberg’s 65 jams, sauces and condiments – giving their tips on how they like to enjoy their favourite product.”

The label of Carol’s unique Rose Petal Jelly gives an insight to the personal involvement the Paech family has with its products: 

“At one point, Carol even thought about changing her name to Rose.  She seems obsessed with her roses.  And her Rose Jelly.  Whether creating a delicate dessert or adding a touch of surprise in other dishes, there’s every chance that you’ll develop a love for the contents of this jar too.”

Anthony Paech says that for many years, Beerenberg worked hard to look the same as its much larger multi-national competitors – trying to compete equally on supermarket shelves.  Over the past five years, the company has returned increasingly to its roots and through its web-based “Provenance Pathway” product tracing facility highlighted the authenticity of its products, regional sourcing commitment and personal passion of its staff.

“Our research has shown that consumers have swung back to authentic foods and food experiences – the very attributes embodied by Beerenberg products,” Mr Paech said.

“People want to be able to taste, see and feel real fruit and vegetables in their jams and condiments; in an increasingly uncertain world, they want to know where the ingredients come from; they value traditional recipes and cooking methods; they want real flavour, not flavouring and additives; and they want labels which allow them to see for themselves what’s inside and which reflect the natural simplicity and honesty of the product.

“When our customers open a jar of Beerenberg, they will be transported back in time to when all food was made from fresh wholesome ingredients, when a strawberry tasted like a strawberry and the kitchen was the heart of the family.

“The reason for that is simple - we still make our products on our farm; we still sell our products from an expanded shop on the side of the old highway; and we still make our products to traditional recipes from the best ingredients available in Australia.”

About Beerenberg

In 1839, the Paech family settled at a property at Paechtown, near Hahndorf in South Australia. Six generations of the Paech family have lived and worked on this farm, now known as Beerenberg. 

In the early 1970s, Grant Paech made the first batch of strawberry jam on his kitchen stove and 40 years later Beerenberg Pty Ltd is still owned and managed by the Paech family with an outstanding reputation for using the freshest farm produce and traditional recipes to make home-style preserves, jams, condiments and sauces.

From its humble beginnings in the Adelaide Hills to one of Australia’s most loved producers, Beerenberg now offers more than 65 products and exports to 25 countries around the world.

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