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Apple tops Australia's list of most loved brand

2 July 2012    

Australia’s love affair with Apple continues to grow according to the results of the latest national brand research undertaken by market research Square Holes.

Apple has been named as Australia’s most loved brand rising from the number two position this year in Square Holes ‘Make Love Not War’ research project.

Sony dropped five places to sixth, while Ford and Virgin broke into the top 10 list of Australia’s most loved brands for the first time. Qantas, despite its troubles over the last year, managed to lift its place to fourth.

Telstra and Optus which appeared in the top ten previously are no longer on the list.

The research, which uses in-home discussions amongst groups of friends, an online survey of 1,000 Australians aged 18 - 65 selected from MyOpinions panel and ethnography, was last undertaken in 2010.

Square Holes Managing Director Jason Dunstone said the most loved brands in Australia share two common traits – authenticity and relevance.

“The research found brands with these traits sit most comfortably within the context of Australians’ busy lives and passions.

“There’s a world of difference between brands that just create awareness and those which achieve a real connection and affinity with people.

“It’s interesting to note that each of the top ten brands were perceived to have better products than their competitors but their communication, service and advertising are viewed as being the same standard.

“The things driving Australians are a love of their families, and a desire for new experiences, closely followed by a desire for socialising and networking.

“The top brands are seen by Australians to be supporting them along this path and are brands whose products they use regularly and form part of their daily lives. No aspirational brands like Aston Martin or Rolex made the list – perhaps a sign of the times.”

The research also found that Australians are most likely to engage with their most loved brands through their website, closely followed by Facebook. Most people would not engage through Twitter or an app.

However, when it comes to purchasing they move offline and still prefer the personal experience of buying products from the top brands in store (78%).

The top 10 ‘loved’ brands in the Square Holes Make Love Not War research were:

  • Apple
  • Cadbury
  • Holden
  • Qantas
  • Toyota
  • Sony
  • Ford
  • Samsung
  • Virgin
  • Coca Cola

Square Holes is a progressive market research agency with a passion for supporting great branding, advertising and digital.
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