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Blog: Daily social media checklist

8 February 2019    

Brainstorming content, creating content, curating content, scheduling content, monitoring content, engaging with content and reporting on content. There’s a lot on the ‘to do list’ for a social media manager responsible for a brand’s online presence each day.

Hughes Social and Digital Media Consultant Haley Tamblyn breaks down her social media ‘to do list’ in this easy-to-use social media checklist to keep your online efforts on-track, on-time and achieving good results.

Download our social media checklist

This checklist is not exhaustive, and each social media page manager will have their own process for keeping on track and organised. For others, this can be quite a lot of work in addition to the many other tasks involved in running a business or doing their job. In this case we’re here to help!

As one of Adelaide's leading communications consultancies, Hughes can help you understand digital communications, social media and the far-reaching opportunities they present. Our digital and social media services are wide-ranging, allowing us to offer clients a bespoke and tailored service that considers their unique objectives and resources.

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