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New Flight Paths installation connects travellers with airport spaces

28 October 2019    

A new, permanent art installation at Adelaide Airport aims to encapsulate and celebrate both the start of new adventures and the emotional re-connections of returning home.

Flight Paths by exciting young South Australian artist, Steve Bellosguardo, features a visually striking, flowing triangulation of coloured ropes and steel structures connecting the airport terminal adjacent International Arrivals with the new Atura Hotel.

In addition to creating a stunning structure connecting new airport spaces that is visible from inside and outside the terminal, the installation acts as a subtle way-finding system between the terminal and hotel.

Flight Paths was commissioned by Adelaide Airport with the support of Guildhouse, South Australia’s peak body for traditional and contemporary visual arts, craft and design.

Steven Bellosguardo says airports represent adventure, new experiences and endless potential, while also embodying re-connection, the end of a journey and coming home.

"These qualities exhibit a strong sense of place, in that you tie these thoughts and emotions with the airport as soon as you walk through its doors. I wanted to create an installation that encapsulates and celebrates these experiences, whilst creating an iconic work that is unique to Adelaide and its airport," Steven says.

"There are far too few moments in life that overwhelm us with love, hope, joy, and happiness. Yet, the airport is one place, in every major city across the globe where raw human connection occurs.

"Flight Paths honours the intensity and beauty of these human emotions in an immersive visual experience, referencing motion, connection, direction and the passing of time.

"Public Art belongs to everyone - it reflects our identity, our values, and our humanity. It questions the viewer, sparks curiosity and conversation, creating a shared dialogue.

"As an artist, it is incredibly challenging to create meaningful public art that engages and invites people of all ages and cultures to wonder and ponder what it is to be human."

Born in 1988 in Adelaide, Bellosguardo began his career as a third generation Stonemason. He then went to art school, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture) at the University of South Australia in 2016.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director, Mark Young, says Flight Paths reflected the airport’s own values of being easy, seamless and connected.

"Adelaide Airport has a strong commitment to supporting local artists and the cultural community through our community investment program, as well as seasonal curated exhibitions throughout the terminal," Mark says.

"Steven Bellosguardo’s work represents our bold vision for the Adelaide Airport, to share the stories of this remarkable place; its unique history as well as the incredible stories of people moving through the airport.

"The work suitably represents a connectivity and sense of place, reflecting the energy within the terminal and in particular our new connection between International Arrivals and the Atura Hotel.

"Every place has a unique vibe, and Adelaide’s creative and cultural vibe begins here at the airport as the gateway to our State."

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