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Blog: The Power of Meta Threads: A tool for public relations and communications

10 August 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, staying ahead is crucial for businesses and their public relations and communications efforts. Meta Threads, the latest innovation from the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, has emerged as a self-professed game-changer in the world of online community-building, but what does it really mean for PR and for our clients?

As a social and digital strategist, I am excited to delve into what Meta Threads is, why it is useful for brand communications, and how companies can leverage its potential to strengthen their brand image and engagement.

Understanding Meta Threads
Meta Threads is an app built by the Instagram team for sharing text-based posts up to 500 characters long, with images, links or videos. It combines the features of the Instagram interface with Twitter-like tools to repost or quote content, and the layout works for consuming large quantities of content / news and stories quickly. 

Without the features of hashtags or the ability to search for topics, users are forced to interact directly with the threads of users they follow, prompting public conversations and community building directly between brands and individuals who are sharing real-time updates, interests and hobbies-related content.  

To access Threads, 
1.    Download Threads App from Google Play or App Store.
2.    Open the app and select Login with Instagram.

Why Meta Threads is valuable for communications
As PR or marketing professionals, the ability to help shape brand communication through owned and earned channels is important, so it is useful to understand why Meta Threads could be a valuable channel to add to your communications mix. 

Key features of Threads include:
1.    Enhanced community engagement: Meta Threads facilitates direct and meaningful interactions between brands and their audience. By actively participating in relevant communities, companies can showcase transparency, build trust, and establish a loyal customer base.

2.    Amplified brand advocacy: Meta Threads provides an avenue for customers to share their positive experiences, which acts as powerful word-of-mouth endorsements. Such genuine testimonials bolster brand credibility and influence potential customers' perceptions.

3.    Real-time market insights: Listening to conversations within Meta Threads offers valuable insights into customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends. These data-driven observations can inform PR strategies, ensuring messages resonate with the target audience.

Pros and cons of Meta Threads for PR and communications 
Like any tool, Meta Threads has its strengths and limitations. Understanding the pros and cons is essential for making informed decisions in PR and broader communication strategies:

●    Increased brand exposure and visibility through active community engagement.
●    Access to user-generated content that demonstrates brand advocacy.
●    Immediate feedback for quick PR campaign adjustments.
●    Opportunities for building relationships with target demographics.

●    Possibility of negative feedback in public forums that require careful handling.
●    The necessity for continuous monitoring to promptly address customer concerns.
●    Resource-intensive efforts in community management and content curation.

Should companies be using Meta Threads now?
Like investing your time in any channel, it is important to first understand:
●    Is my target audience currently using this channel?
●    Will this channel enhance my communications/research/engagement, or allow me to reach those in my target audience not currently reached by other channels or platforms?
●    Do I have content that would be relevant to use or repurpose for this channel?
●    Do I have the time/resources to support/maintain this channel once it’s added to the mix?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then being an early adopter and rolling out a communication strategy for Threads could allow you to capture a valuable share of voice within your industry. 

Which companies should use Meta Threads now?
Based on the key benefits of the platform, industries that would lend themselves to maximising the community engagement potential of Threads would include:
1.    Lifestyle brands: Companies in the fashion, beauty, health, fitness sectors and other hobby-based brands which can foster vibrant communities within Meta Threads, engaging their passionate customers and enhancing brand loyalty.

2.    Tech startups: Tech companies can leverage Meta Threads to connect with early adopters, gather feedback, and establish a dedicated user base for their innovative products and services.

3.    Non-profit organisations: Non-profits can use Meta Threads to mobilise supporters, share success stories and drive meaningful conversations around their causes.

Meta Threads can be a powerful tool for brands to communicate and engage directly with their audience, by enhancing community engagement, amplifying brand advocacy and providing real-time market insights. 
While companies should be aware of the cons, the strategic integration of Meta Threads could enhance your current communication strategy to help grow your results in PR and communications engagement. 

As a social and digital strategist, I recommend evaluating your communications strategy to see if Meta Threads might be right for your business, or speak to us for assistance with a digital strategy audit or recommendation. 

Hughes | Consultant

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