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Ch4 Global to build its first full-scale EcoPark, at Louth Bay on Eyre Peninsula

15 August 2023

CH4 Global will today sign a lease to build its first full-scale EcoPark, which will be at Louth Bay on Eyre Peninsula, where it will grow and process enough Asparagopsis seaweed to supply up to 30,000 cattle per day in Australia and overseas.

The Louth Bay EcoPark has been designed to sustainably grow methane-reducing Asparagopsis at scale. Asparagopsis, which is a red seaweed native to South Australia, has been found to drastically reduce methane emissions from cows and sheep by up to 90 per cent.

The state-of-the-art EcoPark will be built on land at Louth Bay and enable end-to-end production, with low impact, cost effective growing and processing of Asparagopsis seaweed along with the conversion into products under CH4 Global’s Methane Tamer ä line of products for the reduction of enteric methane in cattle and other ruminants.

CH4 Global External Relations Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Adam Main, said the Louth Bay EcoPark would include a seedling hatchery, patented in-land growing approach for Asparagopsis, and harvesting and drying technology.

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