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Calling all potential puppy raisers - Guide Dog puppies are coming to Yorke Peninsula!

11 December 2023

Do you think you might be able to offer a Guide Dog puppy a loving home as they train for their life-changing career? And do you live on Yorke Peninsula?

Then Guide Dogs SA/NT needs you in 2024.

For the first time outside of metropolitan Adelaide, Guide Dogs SA/NT is hoping to recruit 10 puppy raisers in regional South Australia to raise its next generation of Labrador puppies to train to become a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog. Targeted areas include Wallaroo, Moonta, Port Hughes and Kadina.

Guide Dogs SA/NT Dog Services Operations Manager Cindy Chewter said until now, all puppy raisers had been based in Adelaide, to ensure handlers were able to bring the puppies to its offices in the city for regular training and development.

However, with expanding operations across South Australia and the Northern Territory, Guide Dogs SA/NT is extending its Puppy Raising program to regional communities for the first time.

“Guide Dogs SA/NT will provide regular training on the Peninsula, and we will connect our puppy raisers with an adviser, ensuring that we can expand our program and reach a wider group of puppy raising volunteers across South Australia,” Ms Chewter said.

“Demand for our services continues to grow, and we know the need for Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs is not limited to the metropolitan area. We have clients across South Australia and the Northern Territory, including on Yorke Peninsula, already. This program will also help us to raise awareness of the services which are available to the community, and how we can help people to live their best lives.”

Ms Chewter said puppy raisers integrated a puppy into their daily routine and introduced them to a range of new experiences and environments as they prepared for their important career. The aim is to nurture each puppy to become well socialised, confident, and focused before they embark on their formal training program.

Puppies begin training from 8-10 weeks of age and remain in training until they come of age.

Ms Chewter said there were several pre-requisites for puppy raisers, including being aged over 18, having a driver’s license, having the strength to handle a dog that will grow to weigh more than 30kg, being able to socialise the puppy in public environments, attend local training sessions, and to ensure puppies are not left alone for more than four hours.

Homes also need to fit certain criteria, including having a secure yard with adequate fencing and ensure the puppy can sleep inside, among other points.

To find out more about becoming a puppy raiser, click here.

The public can register their interest here.

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