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20 February 2024

After almost 35 years in Adelaide, Boileau Business Technology has been sold.

Angelique and Michael Boileau, founders of Boileau Business Technology, opened their doors to the South Australian business community in 1989 as the sole authorised Rank Xerox dealership in South Australia marketing Rank Xerox photocopiers.

Over the 35 years, Boileau has expanded its offerings to include a full suite of Managed Services in Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) services, while continuing with the Fujifilm Business Partnership.

The business has been sold to Viatek South Australia Pty Ltd, which is part of The Viatek Group, a Victorian privately-owned company and Fujifilm dealership, which also commenced operations as an authorised Rank Xerox dealership about the same time as Boileau.

The Viatek Group has also expanded to full ICT offerings, and now operates in 17 locations across regional Victoria and NSW and recently entered the South Australian market.

Viatek South Australia will take ownership of Boileau’s business on March 1. Angelique Boileau informed employees and clients of the sale today.

Angelique and her family are embarking on a new venture – establishing the Boileau Family Foundation, a charitable organisation, which will continue supporting Boileau’s long-standing charitable and not-for-profit partners.

The reason for the sale of the business has been the State Government’s acquisition of Boileau’s Cowandilla premises under the Land Acquisition Act, as part of the upgrade of the Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Marion Road intersection.

Boileau was advised of this decision by the government in March 2023, and the official compulsory acquisition was gazetted last week.

“During the past 10 months it has become increasingly obvious that there is no replacement for our iconic, bespoke-built premises or landmark location of the building – hence, when the opportunity arose to sell the business to Viatek the family decided to do so,” Angelique said.

“Our priority in making this decision was ensuring the best possible outcome for our employees and clients, and the future prosperity of the business. We are confident that Viatek can achieve this.

“Also, the sale of the business required Fujifilm approval, and they fully endorsed Viatek South Australia to take on the Boileau dealership.

“We couldn’t find a better fit to provide our valued clients smooth continuity of business, as well as assurance that all of our current staff are retained.

“This has provided my family and me great comfort and peace of mind.

“The business sale has brought mixed feelings for our family, however, as the saying goes “every dark cloud has a silver lining” and we have found our “silver lining”.

“Today I am thrilled to announce the establishment of the Boileau Family Foundation, joined by our two daughters Danielle and Melanie.

“We had this planned for a few years down the track, however we now have the opportunity to commence earlier and continue our charitable and philanthropic work full time.

“Time truly flies when one is achieving continual success and having great enjoyment doing it.

“Without the success of the business and the wonderful business community who supported us during the past years, we would not have been able to give back so much to the community and the less fortunate in our society.

“Personally, this is a very sad day for me and my husband, whose family name has become a successful brand that is recognised and respected and the business has carried it proudly and with distinction for 35 years.

“However, with the formation of the Boileau Family Foundation we will be able to build a legacy in perpetuity.

“We truly wish to thank everyone in the South Australian community who has contributed to our business success, and trust that you will continue your support of Boileau via our Boileau Family Foundation."

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