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VAILO unveils new flagship luminaire variant for airport aprons, sea ports, court sports and more

2 July 2024

Premium lighting manufacturer VAILO has unveiled a 1000W, zero-tilt variant of its flagship luminaire, the Zenith Gen-V, designed specifically for airport aprons, sea ports, court sports and areas where precise light control is essential.

VAILO CEO and founder Aaron Hickmann said he was proud to launch VAILO’s new Zenith Gen-V variant, because it underscored the company's dedication to continuous research and development.

"Thanks to invaluable client feedback, our engineering team is constantly at the forefront of innovation, creating new products and enhancing our existing offerings," Mr Hickmann said.

"In addition to the Zero Tilt, we recently introduced the Zenith Gen-V PC-Amber, specifically engineered for wildlife-sensitive areas. We are also developing a new sports lighting control system, advanced bracket, and the next-generation luminaire.".

VAILO Engineering and Production General Manager Phil McKenzie said the new luminaire, the Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt, had been engineered to minimise upward waste light, making it an optimal choice for areas where light pollution was a concern.

"Upward waste light can pose significant issues in various applications, as it leads to increased sky glow and light pollution," Mr McKenzie said.

"This not only diminishes the visibility of stars at night but can also be hazardous in environments such as near airports, where clear visibility is crucial.

"The Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt ensures that all light is precisely directed where it is most needed, enhancing visibility and safety without contributing to skyglow.

“Another highlight of the Zenith Gen-V Zero Tilt is that although available in other options, the luminaires correlated colour temperature (CCT) is a 4000K default. This means that it produces lower levels of blue light, which we know is better for human circadian rhythms.”

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