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Hughes blog post: The winner takes it all… 4 reasons why you should enter awards

25 July 2011    

We’re all more than aware of the glory that comes with winning one of those golden statuettes known as Oscar, but there are many awards programs out there that can provide you (even if you’re not a Hollywood star!) and your business with the ideal platform to have your achievements recognised at a regional, state, national, even international level.

But why should you put yourself, or your business forward for an award?No matter what industry sector you work in, whether education, media, mining, health, property, tourism, arts, advertising, food, science, manufacturing, hospitality, retail… you name it, there’s likely to be an awards program which acknowledges success and innovation in your area.

I can almost hear you grumbling, “but that award submission will take me an eon to write!” If your business has achieved significant things in the last twelve months, it’s worth putting in the time and effort to nominate for awards for several reasons. Read on…

1. Recognition from your industry peers

“My awards are lovely, I love to show them off.” Film, stage and television actress Doris Roberts

This is the obvious reason, the kudos.

But awards are about more than the flashy trophy.

In most cases, these awards are judged by a panel of respected experts from your industry. By winning or being shortlisted for an award, your hard work is being recognised by your peers as making a considerable contribution to your industry.

Putting your nomination forward, even if you don’t win, provides the opportunity to showcase your business and increase awareness amongst your industry peers aka the judges. 

You don’t necessarily need to be the largest company to win either, the stories and accomplishments of the ‘unsung heroes’ often catch the judge’s eyes.

2. Evaluation of your business successes and challenges

The actual process of writing an awards submission provides a great opportunity for your business to evaluate itself, recognising both successes and challenges against specific industry criteria.

Businesses owners have said that being involved in this process provides them with a unique opportunity to take a step back and reflect on their operations by ‘putting it down on paper’, celebrating their strengths and acknowledging areas where they can improve and grow.

3. Customer recognition

Awards are a strong endorsement for your business.

Awards play a valuable role in the consumer choice and as such, they can assist your business increase its sales and market share. Awards strengthen the credibility of your brand, assisting you to market your services and products as being of highest quality.

Awards can help businesses attract new customers, particularly if your award win is leveraged effectively across your company’s marketing and PR activities.

Many awards programs will supply a logo to winners which can be used across printed marketing collateral, written communications (eg. email signatures, stationary), internal and external signage, the possibilities to showcase your status as an award-winning business are endless.

And I know this might sound a bit obvious but display your award with pride – preferably where your customers can see it! (Don’t use it is a bookend on the office bookshelf.)

Industry recognised awards can also provide winners with a significant business development tool. Being an award-winning business can assist your organisation’s position against competitors when it comes to securing new client business, applying for grants, and attracting new staff, sponsors and investors, just to name a few.

As those wise philosophers known as ABBA once said, the winner takes it all!

4. Publicity and networking opportunities

Winning an award is a good news story for your business – shout it from the rooftops!

You have the potential to attract significant exposure of your company’s award-win through traditional and digital mediums. As well as mainstream media, consider industry-specific publications and social media.

And if you’re nominated, try and head along to the awards presentation evening. As well as making sure you’re there to collect your award in person, there are several other benefits. Often these events have a media presence, providing a publicity opportunity for your awards win. Awards events also provide networking opportunities with key industry figures and other nominees and award winners. Also, consider your attendance as a contribution to staff morale by providing a night out for staff and colleagues to celebrate and thank them for their contribution to your businesses success.

These are just a few of the opportunities available to your business through participation in awards programs. As experienced writers and editors, your PR consultancy can assist you with preparing awards submissions, and if you’re lucky enough to win, ensuring that your award is effectively leveraged across traditional and digital media.

So, don’t be shy, your achievements deserve the opportunity to be recognised!

– Natalie Ciccocioppo

Tim Hughes and other Public Relations Institute of Australia award winners, October 2010. Photo by Julia Angove