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Detpak launches Eco-Products range into South East Asia and Middle East

18 June 2024

South Australian-based packaging solutions company Detpak is launching its Eco-Products range into South East Asia and the Middle East.

Formerly only available in Australia and New Zealand, the Eco-Products from Detpak range will provide customers in these markets a broader choice of compostable, no-added PFAS sugarcane food service packaging, including plates, bowls, and containers.

Detpak’s expansion into South East Asia and the Middle East marks the largest range of compostable and no-added PFAS products introduced to these markets by the brand.

Detmold General Manager of Product and Brand Keith Bishop said the partnership with Eco-Products and the extension into new markets will enable Detpak to meet increasing customer demand for sustainable packaging and complements Detpak's existing range of packaging solutions.

“In South East Asia and the Middle East, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about food waste and used packaging disposal and more conscious of composting and using more products made from recycled content,” Mr Bishop said.

“By expanding our product range into new and emerging international markets, we are stepping up to create a more sustainable packaging industry through compostable and plant-based materials that are better for the environment – such as the no-added PFAS Vanguard® range.”

Detpak launched the Vanguard range in late 2023, becoming the first Australian business to release a broad range of certified compostable, no-added PFAS sugarcane plates, bowls and containers, made from renewable, molded sugarcane fibre.

EcoProducts President Ian Jacobson said the partnership would help service global trends being seen within the market.

"Globally, both Eco-Products and Detpak are seeing a range of similar legislative and consumer trends that are impacting the packaging landscape,” Mr Jacobson said.

“We are excited to continue strengthening the partnership between Eco-Products and Detpak.

“Both businesses have a strong strategic focus to deliver innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to the market and together we have unmatched reach in our ability to identify and commercialize innovative new solutions the meet the elevated sustainability requirements of the global foodservice packaging marketplace.”

The Vanguard range from Eco-Products uses a unique proprietary formulation to achieve grease resistance without relying on the addition of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). The Vanguard range is made with renewable materials and certified compostable.

All products carrying the Eco-Products name are certified compostable to one or more of the following international standards:

• AS 5810 – Home Compostability

• BPI – Commercial Compostability

• AS 4736 - Commercial Compostability • ASTM D6400 & ASTM D6868 – Aerobic Compostability

• EN 13432 – Commercial Compostability

Detpak has been partnering with US-based Eco-Products since 2021.

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