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YWCA expands its affordable housing reach to women in South Australia impacted by family/domestic violence

6 September 2023

Australia’s only national specialist women’s housing provider is extending its growing pipeline of secure and affordable accommodation to women and women-led families in South Australia with construction of 24 new rental homes.

Construction of YWCA Australia’s $15.7 million affordable housing development, which will prioritise women and their families who have experienced domestic and family violence, began in the heart of Adelaide today.'

The 24 long-term rental apartments are being built on Hutt Street for women and women-led families on low to moderate incomes for below market rent at a time of great need.

Due for completion in 2025, the one, two and three-bedroom apartments will be the first housing project developed by YWCA in South Australia and has received support from the South Australian government through a $5 million no-interest loan.

YWCA is planning to provide 30 per cent more tenancies over the next three years across Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and now South Australia. This will equate to providing an extra 45,000 nights of affordable accommodation to women each year.

Today, YWCA was joined by State Human Services Minister Nat Cook and Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Katrine Hildyard for a ground breaking ceremony to mark the start of the development at the inner-city site.

YWCA Australia General Manager Community Housing Charlotte Dillon said: “As a specialist women’s housing provider, YWCA Australia looks forward to delivering 24 new rental homes designed specifically for South Australian women in need of affordable housing options.

“Far too many women are finding it increasingly more difficult to secure safe and affordable housing as private rental rates hit record highs and vacancy rates dip to new lows across the nation.

“This development will provide safe, stable, affordable, long-term housing for 24 women, including mothers with children, who have experienced family and domestic violence, and provide a foundation to heal.”

Human Services Minister Nat Cook said: “Without a safe and secure housing alternative, there's a high risk these women and children will become homeless or stay in unsafe situations.

“These affordable rental homes will be a place for recovery from the trauma and abject fear that is part of the toxicity of domestic and family violence. Healing can begin when people know they are finally safe.”

Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Minister Katrine Hildyard said: “We don’t ever want women to have to choose between having somewhere to live and being safe.

“This development on Hutt Street is about ensuring they do not have to, a development that may save lives.”

Nationally, YWCA provides almost 150,000 nights of affordable accommodation to women each year. Many of these women have experienced family violence, with a lack of affordable and available housing inhibiting women’s options to leave unsafe homes.

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